This permit is for Wimborne Minster residents who have no off-street parking and have waiting restrictions on the road outside their property.

Resident permits are limited to one permit per vehicle owner per qualifying household.


  • 6 months for first vehicle registered at address - £45
  • 6 months for second or more vehicles vehicle registered at same address - £65

No refunds are available for Wimborne Resident Permits.

Before you apply

Applications must also be accompanied with the following documented evidence:

  1. a copy of the agreement on letter headed note paper from the owner/estate agent, with reference to the rental/lease agreement, stating that there is no provision of any off street parking for the named property.
  2. it is a requirement that you are included, or intend to be included within 12 months, on the Electoral Register, as being resident at the named property. You can apply to register to vote.
  3. a copy of your DVLA vehicle registration document, or vehicle hire agreement, will be required in order to confirm that the vehicle is driven by you for your own use.Should the DVLA document or vehicle hire agreement indicate that the vehicle is registered or hired to your employer or another organisation, it will be necessary to provide the council with documentary proof or a company letter to confirm that you are the authorised user of the vehicle.

How to apply

We are unable to process virtual permits at present and require the customer to contact us at:


Phone: 01305 228110

Car parks included

Permits are valid in the following car parks:

These restrictions do not apply to disabled badge holders.

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