The Dorset Historic Towns Project report on Swanage.

The historic urban character of Swanage illustrates the major phases of the town's development from a farming and quarrying village to an early 19thcentury watering-place, later seaside resort and modern dormitory town. Each of these phases has contributed to the present character of the town. Groups of vernacular buildings around Church Hill and Herston reflect the earlier settlements, while the small group of Georgian buildings at the end of the High Street reflects the early 19thcentury watering-place. The seafront and the station with the commercial development between, together with the large number of villas and guesthouses to the north and south chart the rise of the seaside resort.

Extensive inter-war and post-war suburban estates are testimony to the continuing popularity of Swanage as a resort and latterly as a retirement place. The most distinctive elements are the late 19thcentury buildings associated with George Burt, and the villas and terraces on the slopes rising up towards Durlston. The pleasing landscape and topographic setting has encouraged the development of Swanage as a seaside resort.

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