The Dorset Historic Towns Project report on Gillingham.

The historic urban character of Gillingham is closely bound up with the town's landscape setting, historic fabric and industrial heritage. Much of the medieval town plan survives, though truncated to the south and west by the modern relief road. A number of historic villages have become incorporated into the greater suburban area of the town, each with their own distinctive character, though the historic fabric of some is better preserved than others.

The survival in the historic core of a number of historic buildings helps underscore the historic elements of Gillingham's urban character. The widespread use of local brick in the 19th and early 20th-century town is testament to the importance of the local brick industry and the period when Gillingham was a significant market and industrial centre.

The landscape setting of the town is fundamental to its character, in particular the river meadows which run through the town.

Summary report

Here is a summary of the report (February 2011).

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