Because of the coronavirus outbreak, the central Portable Antiquities Scheme team and the Treasure Registrar's team are reduced to a skeleton staff, and Finds Liaison Officers (FLO) are working from home. 

The government has issued guidance on searching for archaeological finds (with a metal detector, fieldwalking or mud-larking) during the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak


The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) has asked that we continue to fulfil as many of the statutory requirements under the Treasure Act as possible. If you are returning to detecting and have found something that you believe to be potential treasure please report it through the Finds Liaison Officer by email. 

Please provide the following details:

  • date of discovery
  • grid reference
  • your name and address
  • the landowner’s name and address
  • the landowner’s email address
  • clear photographs of the find with a ruler for scale
  • the weight of the object(s)

This will allow the Finds Liaison Officer to request a treasure number and create a skeleton Portable Antiquities Scheme database record. The FLO can then notify the coroner of the discovery in the usual way via email and you should await further instructions.

Other finds

The Finds Liaison Officer is not able to meet in person with finders to take in finds but can be contacted by email to advise on the recording of finds, for example by self-recording on the Portable Antiquities Scheme database. For the time being, finders should hold on to their finds, keeping a good record of the findspot for full recording at a later date. 

We hope to organise meetings with finders from mid-September, starting with Treasure cases and other finds most overdue for return. These meetings are likely to be at or near County Hall in Dorchester and by appointment only. We will contact the finders concerned to make arrangements. There is no need to contact us to make an appointment - we'll be in touch as soon as your finds get to the top of the list.  In the meantime if you have any concerns, please send the FLO an email. 

Finds Liaison Officer

Name: Mrs Ciorstaidh Hayward Trevarthen
Tel: 01305 228254
Full contact details

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