We respect each other

We respect and recognise the unique qualities every individual brings to our team. That’s why we’re committed to being an inclusive organisation that supports a diverse workforce – a Disability Confident employer. It’s why we encourage an environment where everyone’s a potential leader, because we all feel valued for who we are. And it’s why we support a range of employee networks that give different groups a voice to challenge us and promote change.

Because the more people with different experiences, perspectives and backgrounds who join us, the more creative and innovative we’ll be in serving all the people of Dorset.

Our employee networks

We support and promote Employee Networks and encourage their creation.

People who face discrimination on any grounds can experience greater disadvantages in:

  • recruitment
  • selection
  • training
  • development
  • promotion

So, we encourage a variety of employee groups. They represent people who identify themselves with a specific protected characteristic. The groups challenge and support us to promote change and equality of opportunity.

Our existing employee networks include the below:

  • LGBTQI+ Employee Network
  • Women’s Employee Network
  • Disability Employee Network
  • Ethnic Minority Employee Network
  • Carers Employee Network
  • Armed Forces Community Employee Network

Disability Confident Employer

We are proud to be a Disability Confident Employer. 

The Disability Confident Scheme:

  • helps employers commit to attracting, recruiting and retaining people with disabilities
  • ensures that people with disabilities have the opportunities to fulfil their potential

The scheme has 3 levels and we have achieved Disability Confident Employer (Level 2).

We achieved this because we: 

  • ensure our recruitment process is inclusive and accessible 
  • communicate and promote vacancies
  • support employees to stay in work when they develop a disability or long-term health condition

We offer an interview to everyone who declares a disability and meets the essential criteria for the role.

We are keen to make our interviews accessible. Let us know on your job application if you have a disability and need any reasonable adjustments.

This could include offering: 

  • more time to complete an exercise, assessment or respond to a question
  • a virtual interview
  • an accessible interview room 
  • a British Sign Language Interpreter 

If we offer you a job, we will do what we can (within reason) to support you throughout your employment with us. We will help you to seek support and funding, if needed, from Access to Work.  

Armed Forces Covenant

We encourage applications from those with military connections.

We welcome job applications from ex-military personnel because we know that your military training will have prepared you with the skills and attributes we are looking for. You are valuable to us because you have a great work ethic; you are vigilant and disciplined in your work and value teamwork and camaraderie.  

You have many transferrable skills that can be applied in the context of local government. Our recruitment process will guide you through your application, helping you to highlight the skills, aptitude and mindset that will meet the criteria of each job role.

Your willingness to learn, ability to assimilate information quickly, leadership qualities, and your ability to demonstrate our values, behaviours and principles, all make you a great candidate for us.

We are signatories of the Dorset Armed Forces Covenant. We are also Gold Employer Recognition Scheme holders.

We encourage applications from those with military connections including:

  • reservists
  • veterans
  • spouses/partners

 We recognise and appreciate the value of your:

  • transferable skills
  • previous employment
  • experiences in the Armed Forces sector

 They are great assets to put towards one of our varied and rewarding roles.

Mindful Employer

We aim to increase awareness of mental health in the workplace.

We signed up for Mindful Employer because we commit to:

  • support our employees' wellbeing
  • create a supportive and open culture where colleagues can talk about mental health

Employees can access mindfulness interventions and Talking Therapies as well as wellbeing advice. 

Family friendly and carer policies

We have a range of practices and policies to help employees balance home and work lives.

They include:

  • generous maternity leave and pay 
  • paternity leave 
  • shared parental leave 
  • adoption leave and pay

Unpaid care in your personal life is a crucial role. To support this we offer:

  • a range of support
  • time off
  • flexible working arrangements

Approved foster carers and shared lives carers can request time off as paid leave. They can request this to help with some of the time commitment needed to carry out this important role. 

Diversity Monitoring

We ask you to complete our questionnaire to make sure we recruit and include people with diverse skills, perspectives and backgrounds.

Any information you provide is confidential. It is not linked to your name, identity or application. We will use it for statistical purposes only. It helps us to make sure that:

  • our recruitment processes uphold our commitment to equality of opportunity
  • we meet our legal obligations under the Equality Act 2010

It cannot and will not impact your job application in any way.

Giving this information is voluntary. It is entirely confidential. If there’s something you don’t want to share  you can choose "prefer not to say". We use it to check the diversity of applicants and assess our recruitment practices.