DMS tuition in schools

Learning to play an instrument is fun, exercises the brain and helps you get better at things! Who knows where it will take you?

You can learn all these instruments with DMS.

  • cello
  • viola
  • violin
  • clarinet
  • flute
  • saxophone
  • cornet
  • trombone
  • trumpet
  • electric guitar
  • guitar
  • ukulele
  • keyboard
  • piano
  • drums

DMS instrument lessons

Our DMS instrument lessons:

  • can be just you on your own or with a group of up to 6 pupils
  • cost less as a group lessons rather than individual lessons
  • can take place in your school and last from 20 to 30 minutes

At DMS we offer a programme of good value beginner group tuition. We also offer subsidised instrument hire.

We have discounts available for learners who are eligible for pupil premium.

Your school can tell you more about the costs involved in learning an instrument.

Benefits of using the Dorset Music Service for instrumental tuition

Tuition from Dorset Music Service comes with these benefits.

Quality assurance

We achieve this through structured performance management, which includes observations and in-service training. All our Instructors have up-to-date safeguarding training and enhanced DBS clearance. If you're looking for tuition privately please see the Private Tutors leaflet for guidance on safeguarding.

Communication notebooks

All pupils taught by Dorset Music Service get a communication notebook. This provides a means of communication between pupil, instructor and parent, while providing a record of tasks, pieces studied and achievement.

Progress reports

Instructors write a yearly pupil report at the end of the spring term.

How we deliver music lessons

We provide lessons through Instructors who work in schools to deliver tuition on a range of instruments for 30 weeks of the academic year. Lessons are delivered depending on instructor availability and school requests before, during or at the end of the school day.

See our instrumental tuition delivery calendar for more information.

Help with Dorset Music Service fees

We can offer financial help of up to 50% for:

  • our instrument tuition
  • our instrument hire
  • county ensemble membership fees

You could get help if your child meets all of the following criteria::

  • is eligible for free school meals
  • attends a Dorset school or academy
  • is having instrument tuition in a group or a pair
  • is learning one instrument

Find out about help with music fees from Dorset Music Service and how to apply.

Additional support with costs of music tuition

You can apply for support with tuition costs by applying to: