Dorset Music Service (DMS)

We at DMS are the lead organisation for Dorset Music Hub, a community of people and organisations across Dorset and beyond who support musical journeys through inclusion and partnership.

We're here to make sure all children and young people in Dorset can learn and benefit from music that matches their needs and interest.

We work with teachers to build capacity for music in schools - and sustain it.

We listen to what young people, and those who work with them, tell us they need and help them connect with people who can provide it.

We're helping Dorset to grow diverse, inclusive and relevant opportunities and pathways to benefit young people in all sorts of ways.


We provide playing opportunities for Dorset’s young musicians of all abilities across Dorset.

We hire instruments to all children and schools in Dorset at a very low cost.
Music Education Hub

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We provide pyramid funding for Singing Strategy activities in Schools.

We deliver whole class music provision across Dorset schools.

We work with a variety of music providers and stakeholders to deliver music education in Dorset

Music events in Dorset

Dorset Music Education Hub provides access to large scale and high quality music experiences for students, working with professional musicians and venues.

More about our work at DMS

We believe that music can play an important part in children and young people's lives. It helps them with:

  • wellbeing
  • self-esteem
  • resilience
  • creative expression
  • nurturing skills for learning and life

So we bring together partners to provide joined-up progression routes through music and to deliver the National Plan for Music Education.

We provide high quality and inclusive music education services in and out of school, including:

  • whole class instrumental teaching for primary schools and more through our inclusive Dorset Music Hub membership
  • small group and one-to-one instrumental tuition for primary and secondary school pupils through our team of music instructors
  • support, training and funding to help schools develop singing
  • out-of-school music groups
  • performance opportunities, events and experiences for Dorset's young musicians of all abilities
  • low-cost instrument hire service for individual learners, schools and partners
  • advice and signposting for young musicians facing financial barriers

Music in schools and our supporters

Dorset Music Service provides a range of services to support Dorset schools with their musical provision.