Imported food

If you intend importing food direct, then you may need to be registered with us. Comprehensive information on the rules concerning importing food can be found on the Food Standards Agency website.

  • we will need to know the identity of importers and the type and origin of the food, checks are made to ensure that you are registered as appropriate
  • you must also identity any premises that are the first destination after import (storage, processing, handling, buying and selling) of products of animal origin or non-animal origin
  • products of animal origin will have a Common Veterinary Entry Document (CVED) which must be held at the premises for 12 months
  • as part of routine inspections we will be looking for imported food to consider fitness and legitimate import

Exported food

If you have a food business and wish to export food to outside the European Union, you must have a food export certificate. Food export certificates are issued to satisfy the particular requirements of each importing country.

In general the export certificate shows that the premises where the products being exported were made are subject to inspection by the local authority.

Apply for a food export certificate

Contact your local team for details about the information you will need to provide and the appropriate fee.

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