Dog related PSPO 2024

A new Dog related PSPO was agreed at Cabinet on the 7 November 2023. The Order was made by Dorset Council on the 17 November and is now subject to an appeal period of 6 weeks before it can be enacted (come into force) on the 1 January 2024.

By law we are required to provide Notice of the Order on our website:

View the Statutory Notice and Dog related PSPO

You may appeal under Section 66 of the above Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014. To do this you must apply to the High Court within 6 weeks of the date the PSPO is made or varied. You must live in, work in or regularly visit the PSPO area to be able to apply.

An application to appeal against a PSPO can only be made on two grounds:

  1. That the local authority did not have the power to make or vary the PSPO or to include particular requirements or prohibitions contained in it.
  2. The PSPO requirements set out in  were not complied with in relation to the PSPO or its variation.

If the High Court believes the local authority did not have the power to make or vary the PSPO and the interests of the applicant have been substantially prejudiced, it can suspend or stop the PSPO. Administrative Court - GOV.UK (

As with any piece of legislation, any person can apply for a judicial review. Information on this process can be found on the government website: Apply for a judicial review of a decision: Form N461 - GOV.UK (

The current Dorset Council Dog related Public Spaces Protection Order was made on 23 October 2020. It came into effect on 1 January 2021 lasts until the 31 December 2023.

View the contents of the Dog related PSPO. If you need this document in an accessible format, contact us. 

The Order states that:

  • owners are to pick up their dog's poo in all public spaces and dispose of it appropriately
  • no dogs are allowed in enclosed children’s play areas or on marked sports pitches
  • no dogs are allowed on certain beaches between 1 May and 30 September
  • dogs are to be put on a lead when instructed to do so by an authorised officer
  • dogs are to be kept on a lead in signposted and identified areas

Areas where you have to keep your dog on a lead are:

  • cemeteries, churchyards or graveyards
  • council owned allotments
  • formal public gardens
  • within 5 metres of marked sports pitches
  • council owned car parks
  • Rodwell Trail Weymouth
  • on roads and walkways close to certain beaches 
  • certain beaches dependent on season 

Full details are supplied in the Order along with maps to assist.

Exemptions to the Dog related PSPO

Exemptions apply which mainly relate to those with poor dexterity or disability preventing them from collecting dog poo, as well as enabling those with assistance dogs to access dog excluded areas, these are described in the Order. Additionally, some landowners have exempted their land from some or all of the restrictions.

An Equality Impact Assessment was supplied for Cabinet and helped form the exemptions within the Order, to assist with enforcement and ensure signage was appropriate.

Information signs are provided in most locations to indicate where restrictions are in force. 
Local landowners may choose to have their own restrictions. If you are travelling across private land please be respectful and follow any request about how you control your dog.

Fines (Fixed Penalty Notice) for not complying with the Dog related PSPO

You may be fined for not complying with the Order. If you believe that you did not offend or you meet any of the exemptions please contact us to discuss.

Authorised Officers will always be able to show you their identity badge or produce their authorisation.

The current penalty level is set in legislation as £100 to be paid within 28 days. Early payment, within 14 days, will reduce this to £75.

Advice from our Dog Warden.

The Dog Warden is happy to speak to members of the public on all dog-related issues. If you have queries please contact the Dog Warden Service in your area:

Contact the Dog Warden Service

Register on our online portal to contact the Dog Warden Service