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Moving school during the school year (in year admissions)

Apply for an in-year school place in Dorset

Applications for a school place during COVID-19

We will continue to operate and receive school applications but, as the schools have limited or no capacity to admit new children, all In Year applications will be held and suspended.

Once schools are able to make admission decisions, which may not be for several months, we will start to process application. Confirmation of new places may have to wait until September 2020.

You should continue to engage with the provision and support that your current school has in place at this time.

There may be circumstances where a child is out of school and has no education support, we will still look to process applications where a child meets the criteria for school provision. If you feel that you fit the criteria please make this clear on your application form, we will be in touch to work with you to secure educational support as soon as possible.

Reasons for moving school

Changing your child's school part way through the year is a big decision. There are some situations where you can't avoid it, like moving house. If there are other reasons for changing schools, you should:

  • discuss the reason you want to change schools with your child's current school
  • understand that in year places aren't always available
  • consider the impact on your child as they leave friends and a familiar environment
  • think about whether a new school can offer your child the courses or exams they want to take, particularly during GCSE or A level courses

You don't need to apply for in year admission if your child is due to:

If your child is not due to move to any of these schools and you want to move them, you need to apply for in year admission.

Before you apply

Before you apply, you should:


Apply for an in year school place

List up to 3 schools in order of preference. One of these schools should be your catchment school. You'll receive a confirmation email once you've submitted your application.

Make sure you've sent any required medical or religious evidence to our schools admissions team. We can only consider your application based on the evidence you've submitted by the closing date.

If you can't apply online fill you can apply using:

Processing evidence during the coronavirus emergency

We may not process evidence you send to us by within the normal timescales while we're working away from the office. 

If you can you can scan or photograph your evidence and forward it to us at


We process in year applications half a term before the start date. If you want an in year school place to start in September please apply from June at the earliest. There is no guarantee that a place will be available at your preferred school.

Moving into or within Dorset 

Make it clear on your application if you're applying from your current address or your new address. We can only base your application on a new address if you've given us appropriate evidence of your new address.

Proof of address

Find out how you can forward your evidence to us during the coronavirus emergency.

If you're moving into or within Dorset and you want your application to be based on your new address you must give us proof of this address. 

Proof can be any of these:

Proof of address
Type of house moveEvidence
Property sale Solicitor's letter confirming exchange of contracts on your property sale and purchase.
Property rental Copy of your new tenancy agreement giving property address and date of duration of tenancy and notice to quit your current property. These must be signed by you and your new landlord. The new tenancy agreement must be signed and dated before the closing date, but can have a start date later than the closing date.
Moving to live with a friend or relative Letter from your friend or relative confirming the arrangements and the date that you'll be moving to live with them. Proof of their address, such as a recent Council Tax or utility bill. You can only base your application on this address once you're actually living there.
Child moving from one parent or carer to live with another on a long-term basis Written confirmation from both parents (or from parent or previous carer and new carer) explaining the new arrangements. Proof of the new address, such as a copy of a recent Council Tax or utility bill.
Armed services or crown servants Posting order or official letter stating the date you're due to move and the unit postal address or quartering area.
Domestic violence refuge Written confirmation from refuge staff that you're living in the refuge due to domestic violence.

Moving into Dorset from outside the UK

If you're a British citizen living abroad, or a citizen of the European Economic Area you need to send us:

  • copies of passports or citizen cards
  • proof of a UK address where you will be resident
  • a date of arrival in the UK for you and your child

We can process your application as soon as we've received these documents.

If you're a citizen from a country outside the European Economic Area you need to send us:

  • copies of passports
  • endorsed visa
  • proof of a UK address where you'll be resident
  • date of arrival in the UK for you and your child

We can only process your application once your child is living in the UK. You must show original passports and visas to the school when your child starts school.

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