We've pulled together a number of resources for you to use during your time at home:

For music pupils

iPad apps

Search in your App Store or Google Play for these useful musical apps.

There are a number of apps that can help with music making:

  • Sound Forest: a visual way of composing sounds and layers
  • Mussila: great for testing listening skills
  • Tune Train: uses train tracks for the train to follow and works on pitch and melody
  • Music Sparkles: play various instruments freestyle and compose music with backing accompaniment 
  • Garage Band: for Key Stage 2 pupils. Compose multiple tracks and loops

For music teachers

Artis Education

Artis Education combines the art forms of music, drama and movement and provides:

  • teaching resources
  • training and support
  • curriculum support

English Folk, Dance and Song Society (EFDSS)

EFDSS resource bank provides:

  • song banks
  • resources
  • cross-curricular work on folk-related music, traditions, history, social changes and dance

Musical Futures

Musical Futures supports music teachers from Key Stage 2 upwards and provides:

  • training (CPD) and support
  • practical resources for classroom work ranging from music technology, ukelele and more
  • GCSE set work activities

For music teachers and pupils

ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music)

ABRSM is an exam board that provides resources for parents, teachers and pupils. It features new apps that can be downloaded to help pupils with their instrument practise at home, plus:

  • teacher support and CPD online courses
  • practical advice on how to support pupils with their exams
  • competitions
  • tutorials video


Autochords has a chord progression generator that's useful for teachers and pupils and provides chord playback and samples.

BBC Bring the Noise

BBC Bring the Noise is a great platform for teachers and pupils, including:

  • lesson plans
  • live videos
  • challenges for early years, Key Stages 1 and 2
  • SEND teaching techniques for music
  • how to teach singing by Gareth Malone 

BBC Ten Pieces

You can use BBC Ten Pieces for Key Stages 2, 3 and 4. It provides:

  • schemes of work
  • lesson plan templates
  • ensemble repertoire
  • live videos
  • listening activities

Beat Goes On

Beat Goes On has online STOMP-style body percussion and samba drumming workshops that stream live every day.


Charanga follows both the primary and secondary curriculum. It's suitable for teachers and pupils and provides:

  • schemes of work
  • topics
  • live videos
  • interactive games and activities 

Classic FM

Classic FM is free to listen to live online and on the radio. It's suitable for teachers and pupils and offers:

  • music competitions
  • facts about composers

Classics For kids

Classics For Kids is a great online platform for teachers, pupils and parents. It provides:

  • lesson plans
  • music games and activities 
  • information about composers


MusicTheory.net has music theory-based resources and apps (some you have to pay for):

  • theory revision tasks
  • games and activities
  • pop-up piano
  • manuscript download

Music Teachers

Music Teachers is designed for teachers and pupils from 14 years and over. It features games and challenges based on music theory, including:

  • interactive aural training
  • teaching resources

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