Visiting forces

Anyone who has a relevant association with a Visiting Force will be disregarded for the purpose of discount.

This applies to both military and civilian attachments to the force.

See also connection with Class P Exemption exemption.


Any person who has privileges and immunities under:

  • Diplomatic Privileges Act 1964 or
  • Commonwealth Secretariat Act 1966 or
  • Consular Relations Act 1968 or
  • International Organisations Act 1968 or
  • Commonwealth Countries and Republic of Ireland (Immunities and Privileges) Order 1985 or
  • Hong Kong Economic Trade Act 1996

and is not a

  • British Citizen,
  • British Dependent Territories Citizen,
  • British National (Overseas) or British Overseas citizen or
  • British Subject under the British Nationality Act 1981 or
  • British protected person or a permanent resident of the United Kingdom

The Diplomat must also have no other premises within the UK, which are their main residence.

See also connection with Class V exemption.

International HQ staff

Any person (or dependant of a person) who works for members of a designated international organisation are not counted for discount purposes.

Relevant organisations include:


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