Any spouse/civil partner or dependant of a student will be disregarded for the purpose of discount if the student's spouse or dependant is not a British citizen and who is prevented, by the terms of his leave to enter or remain in the United Kingdom, from taking paid employment or from claiming benefits.

In this respect the spouse/civil partner will effectively be ignored and in fact a Class N Exemption may also be applied.

This particular amendment came into force in 1996 and is in response to amendments within the benefit regulations, which do not allow persons from abroad to claim council Tax and Housing Benefit.

The person applying will need to make a claim to the council in writing giving proof of your prevention from claiming benefit and taking up employment.

You will also need to give full details of your spouse/civil partner / guardian or parent's student status.

The council will require a certificate of student status from the prescribed educational establishment to support the claim.

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