The average Dorset resident uses 139 litres of water a day - slightly under the national average of 150 litres, find out what you can do to reduce that further.

All mains water in the UK is cleaned to drinking quality. Chemicals and energy are used to clean and deliver water to your home and have a significant environmental impact. Water efficiency and using alternatives to mains water can lessen the impact of your water use.

Quick fixes

  • turn off the tap - a running tap can use nine litres of water per minute. Turn off the tap when brushing, washing and shaving.  Wash dishes in a bowl instead of running the tap constantly
  • shorter showers - showering accounts for up to 25% of your daily water use. Reduce your showering time to four minutes and you can save up to 10 litres a day
  • flush less often - 22% of the water you use in your home is when you flush. If you only flush the toilet when you need to, you can save up to seven litres a day
  • laundry - wait for a full load before using the washing machine
  • swap baths for showers – swapping one bath a week for a 4 minute shower could save you £12 a year

Find out how saving water at home can help your wallet and the environment on the Energy Saving Trust website.

Further steps

  • water meters - read your meter regularly or get a meter - customers with meters use 15% less water.  Contact Wessex Water for metering advice
  • no drips - check for drips and leaks - a dripping tap can waste 11 litres of water each month
  • install a water butt - plants prefer rain water! Find out more about saving water in the garden from Wessex Water

Wessex Water have advice about your water supply, metering, billing and water-saving tips.