Around one quarter of UK greenhouse gas emissions are linked to travel. Most transport fuels are petrol and diesel which release CO2 and other pollutants on combustion. Using public transport and building some active travel into your routine can cut your carbon footprint and keep you healthy.

Quick fixes

Walk and cycle for short journeys. It's healthy, free and you don't have to look for a parking space! Regular cyclists have the fitness of someone ten years younger. These services might help you get active:

Further steps

  • give public transport a go - with WiFi and charging points on modern trains and buses you can catch up with your email on the way....or just enjoy reading a book. Find out about public transport in your area to help you get from A to B.
  • car share - 70% of cars carry one person. Sharing your journey reduces congestion, saves fuel and parking fees, cuts your carbon footprint, and you might even make a new friend! Visit Carshare Dorset to find out how
  • join a car club - if you only need a car occasionally consider joining a car club. Clubs exist in Weymouth, Dorchester and Blandford and you just pay per mile and hour.  Find out more on Co-cars Dorset
  • Sustrans have advice and information about active and sustainable travel