Clothing is essential but the environmental impact of clothing manufacture is huge. £140 million worth of clothes are sent to landfill every year in the UK, that's around 350,000 tonnes.

Some clothing may be cheap, but the materials, processing and transport all have a social and environmental impact. Caring for clothes so they last longer and disposing of them carefully can save you money, shopping time and cut your footprint.  

Quick fixes

  • buy wisely - before buying, ask yourself do you really need it? Will it go with something else in your wardrobe?
  • buy pre-owned - two-thirds of people in the UK buy second hand. Discover the amazing deals to be had on second hand and vintage clothing
  • care for your clothes - wash them at the right temperature and learn how to remove stains, and they'll be around looking good for longer
  • use your washing line - save electricity by drying clothes on the washing line where possible

Further steps

  • repair - learn how to repair or alter clothes
  • hire - consider hiring for one-off occasions
  • reuse - find a good home for your unwanted clothes. Earn some cash by selling them on Ebay or Gumtree, swap them with friends or family or donate them to charity
  • recycle - really old textiles can be turned into useful materials such as industrial blankets and chair padding.
  • swap! - Attend or organise a swishing event

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