We're committed to listening to young people and we want to make sure they can get involved and take part in decision-making.

There are plenty of projects running in Dorset that allow young people to have their say and make a difference. Young people who've taken part say how rewarding it is; that they've learnt new skills, met new people and grown in confidence. Find out about projects in Dorset:

UK Youth Parliament (UKYP)

Find out how you can represent other young people in your area.

Dorset Youth Council

Find out about this group of young people and help represent their views.

Young Researchers and Young Inspectors

Get involved in research projects with other young people across Dorset to improve services and experiences.

Dorset Award and Dorset Award Plus

Gain awards for volunteering in Dorset.

Volunteering for young people

Find out about volulnteering in your community and the benefits it can bring.

Youth clubs and advice centres in Dorset

Find youth clubs, advice and information centres and what we offer for young people.

Our Say

A group of young people from all over Dorset made a film called Our Say. The film explains what it means to get involved and some of the rules for young people getting involved in decision-making.

Read our leaflet version of Our Say for more information.

Watch the Our Say video:

Find out about opportunities for young people in Dorset.

Or read a video transcript of the Our Say video instead.

Dorset Council Youth Voice

Name: Ann Haigh
Email: getinvolved@dorsetcouncil.gov.uk
Tel: 01305225579
Full contact details