It's good for you to get out and:

  • meet people in your community
  • take part in the same things as other young people
  • try new things with other people
  • keep friendships going after you finish school

For help accessing the community including attending events, groups and meeting new people, speak to:

  • your parent, carer or family member
  • a children's centre
  • your school or college
  • your social worker
  • your local job centre - they can help you to learn new skills

Joining a local club, sports team or activity is a good way to meet people in your community. See our activities page to find out more.

Organised groups

People First Dorset

People First Dorset is a user led charity. They support people with learning disabilities to speak up and lead change. They run these clubs:

The Young Friendship Club

These are social events for young people who have extra needs and/or disabilities age 15 to 19. They support young people to:

  • learn independent skills
  • get involved in community life
  • build their confidence
  • improve their communication skills
  • challenge decisions

The Friendship Club

This project encourages social inclusion and is aimed at adults 18+ with learning disabilities. This club:

  • runs about 100 events a year where anyone with a learning disability is welcome
  • runs events in West and North Dorset, and sometimes in other areas
  • have details of other activities run by groups in the community

Speaking Up Groups

These groups support adults with learning disabilities to speak up about things that are important to them.

People First Dorset are always looking for good, reliable volunteers too. For more information or to get involved, visit the Speaking Up section of the People First Dorset website.

Health walks in Dorset

There are a range of free organised health walks across Dorset which give you the opportunity to:

  • meet new people
  • keep fit and healthy
  • explore your local area

Volunteers lead the health walks which take place every week. Find a health walk near you.

Befriending and good neighbours

A befriending or good neighbours service can offer:

  • companionship
  • practical help
  • help to attend social activities

They can provide long-term or short-term support. This could be in person at your home or their venue, or a chat on the phone.

Find a befriending or good neighbours service.

Day centres

Day centres help those who live at home and need support to be more independent and meet new people. They are a great place to socialise with people like yourself.

Days centres can:

  • teach you practical skills
  • provide advice
  • provide social activities such as crafts and outings
  • provide refreshments

Some day centres can also offer training or work projects.
There is a cost for day centres. This will depend on your financial circumstances and the day centre you choose.

Find out more about day centres.

Getting a job or volunteering

Getting a job or volunteering are great ways to meet new people and get involved with the community. This could be a part time job at the weekend, or full time work. Both options will enable you to learn new skills, and develop your confidence.

Although volunteering is unpaid, you may feel this is a better option for you as you:

  • will not have the commitment of a job
  • can choose when and where you want to do it
  • can try a range of activities to suit you

Find out more about getting a job and volunteering.

Online meet up sites

Meetup can help you make friends and form social groups with people like you.
The website searches for people who live nearby and share your interests. You could choose to meet up with people or chat with them by phone or online.

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