What is a review of an EHC plan?

If your child has an EHC plan, they will have a review at least once a year. This is also known as an annual review. Find out more information about:

The review is a time to think carefully about how things are going and your child's progress towards the outcomes in their EHC plan.

The review is when you can ask for changes to the EHC plan.

When a review takes place

The review of your child's EHC plan must be at least once a year, or every 6 months for children under 5. If you have a good reason you can request a review of your child's EHC plan at any time.

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Where the review takes place

Most reviews take place at the child or young person's school or educational setting.

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Who should be at the review

  • your child
  • you
  • the school or educational setting
  • other people, for example, professionals

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What to expect before the review meeting

Before the meeting your child's school or educational setting will send you some information to help you prepare and know what to expect at the review meeting.

What to expect at the review meeting

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What to expect after the review meeting

After the meeting we will decide whether to keep, amend or cease (end) the plan.

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