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Local Offer - You said, we did 2019

Time to Talk (soon to be called Let's Talk)

Let's Talk 2

We held our first Time to Talk event on Saturday 13 July. We want to provide more opportunities for you to talk to us face to face and hear about how you can help to design and improve our services. 

Book your place for the next Let's Talk event

We're holding another event where you can come and talk to SEND leads about the support your child or young person with SEND receives. Join us:

  • on Saturday 19 October 2019
  • from 10am to midday
  • at Blandford Day Centre

Feedback on the Local Offer and the actions we took in response

Your feedback from the last eventThe action we took as a result

You said you'd like regular meetings like this that had a theme so parents can decide if it's relevant to attend

There'll be another session called 'Let's Talk':
  • on Saturday 19 October 2019
  • from 10am to midday
  • at Blandford Day Centre

Book your place at Let's Talk in Blandford now.

You told us that you don't see health, education and social care working in a joined-up way.

The lead officers for each agency have discussed this at the September Strategic Alliance meeting. We're writing a plan together to find out what isn't working and how we can work in a more joined-up way.

You said that SENCOs in schools aren't always responsive to parents' issues. Good quality communication with parents depends on the school and how approachable and proactive the SENCO is. 

We will talk with SENCOs at the November SENCO meeting about good communication with parents and make sure it's part of the local SENCO induction training.

You said you want more opportunities to talk with schools about next steps in provision and what the choices are. This means right from the early years into school through to adulthood.

We're doing a lot of work on Preparing for Adulthood at the moment and have completed an audit on what schools are currently doing.

You said that a regular drop-in session for parents to talk directly with SEND officers about their individual cases would be very much welcomed. 

We like this idea.
We're going to see if we can do these drop-in sessions locally in the future so that parents can attend nearer to home. 

You want more information about how the SEN Panel processes work and how parents can have their views better represented at these panels.

We've put information about how the SEND Panel process works on our Dorset SEND Local Offer webpages
And we've put the link in our newsletter. 

You told us that families wait too long for an autism diagnosis and that when you see a new doctor you have to tell your story all over again. 

We've invited our Designated Clinical Officer, Steve Clarke to attend our next Let's Talk event in October 2019. 
Steve will talk about what we're doing to make this a better experience for families. He's meeting with a GP group soon and will discuss this. 

You said that schools aren't clear about what early help is available for families of children with SEND, including what services are available locally. 

We will talk to our colleagues in the Family Partnership Zones about this issue to make sure that all schools are promoting this. 

You said there aren't enough mental health services for young adults and that when a child reaches the age of 18 their provision usually stops. 

We'll ask Steve Clarke to talk about this issue when he comes to speak at our Let's Talk event in October. 

You said you'd like to see an online forum for young people with SEND to be able to share their experiences and support each other. 

Our Communications Team are helping us find local forums for young people with SEND that we can recommend and publicise in our newsletters and social media. 

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