There are two versions of the Care and Treatment Review:

  • one for children and young people which is called a Care, Education and Treatment Review (CETR)
  • one for adults which is known as the Care and Treatment Review (CTR)

The CTR and CETR is a meeting to check that a person’s care and treatment is meeting their needs.

A CTR or CETR may be held for anyone with learning disabilities, autism or both who may be at risk of being admitted to hospital or who is already in a specialist learning disability or mental health hospital.

The reviews always ask:

  • is the person safe?
  • are they getting good care and treatment?
  • what are their plans for the future?
  • can care and treatment happen in their own home and their own community?

Find more information about CTRs and CETRs:

Local Area Emergency Protocol (LEAP) meetings

Some people with learning disabilities or autism also have mental health needs or behaviours that are challenging.

Most people are supported at home and do not need to stay in a specialist hospital. Local Area Emergency Protocol (LAEP) meetings can stop people needing to go to a specialist hospital. 

Sometimes support needs to change quickly. This means there's no time to have a Care and Treatment Review so an LAEP will be held instead.

Read more about LAEP meetings.

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