We  now issue chaperone licences for a 3 year period. This will mean that your chaperone licence will expire at the same time as your DBS check. DBS checks are valid for 3 years from the date of issue.

If you already hold an acceptable valid DBS check we will issue you a chaperone licence with an expiry date to match your current DBS.

As an applicant you must sign up to the DBS update service to keep your DBS check up to date. 

Apply for a chaperone licence

If a child takes part in a form of public performance using a performance licence we have issued, they must legally be supervised. This should be from a responsible adult such as:

  • a parent or guardian
  • a licensed chaperone
  • an agreed tutor

A chaperone can supervise up to 12 children at any one time. We recommend you have 2 chaperones to 12 children. This will allow for any time in which the children may need to split up.

Applying during coronavirus

To get a chaperone licence you will need to:

  1. Fill out an online application form.
  2. Contact the Children's Services Licensing Team to arrange an online meeting (for example by Skype) to complete identity checks and other information we need.
  3. Get a clear enhanced DBS check. An Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check is compulsory and is carried out by us at Dorset Council. This happens after you've attended your pre-arranged online meeting.
  4. Complete the Chaperone's online training course.

Using our online form

You should not apply any earlier than 8 weeks before the first performance date. To complete the form, you will need:

  • your National Insurance Number
  • the performance name, dates and venue
  • a passport style photo (head and shoulders)
  • to upload 3 forms of identification
  • your current valid passport and
  • your current driving licence and
  • proof of your current address, for example a bank or building society statement from within the last 3 months (UK or EEA), a Council Tax statement issued in the current Council Tax year (UK and Channel Islands), or a utility bill (UK) issued within the last 3 months. This does not include a mobile phone bill

If you cannot provide the listed identification documents contact us at the Children's Services Licensing Team to discuss possible alternative documents before you start your application.

You will also need details of your 2 referees. This includes their:

  • title and full name
  • home address and postcode
  • contact number
  • email address; we will request references by email

References can't be family members. They have to be individuals who have knowledge of your experience and suitability to undertake the responsibilities of caring for children. They should have been known to you for at least 2 years. At least one of your referees should be your current or most recent employer if possible. You need to make your referees aware that we will be contacting them by email.

Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service Check

A DBS check is compulsory.

All applicants must have a valid DBS check issued by Dorset Council although we may be able to accept a DBS check from another source in some instances.

If we have carried out a DBS check for you in the last 3 years you may have to provide proof of this.

If you do not have a DBS check we will carry out a check before issuing a licence. You must sign up to the DBS update services within 30 calendar days of the date on your DBS certificate.

There is no fee if you are applying on a volunteer basis. Those applying on a professional basis must pay £56. A DBS clearance can take up to 6 weeks, so make sure you give yourself enough time before the performance date. 

Chaperone's online training course

All chaperones must undertake the online training course; Chaperones - Child Sexual Exploitation, Legislation and Safeguarding.

We will email you the details of how to access the course when we get your application.

When the training is complete you will receive a certificate. Email this to the Children's Services Licensing Team once you've got it. 

Apply for a chaperone licence

You can apply for a chaperone licence or renew an existing licence.

Your chaperone licence

We will email your chaperone licence to you when we've

  • completed all the necessary checks 
  • received your references
  • received your clear Enhanced DBS check
  • had confirmation that you've signed up to the DBS Update Service
  • had confirmation that you've completed your online training course

The chaperone licence and DBS check are valid with Dorset Council for 3 years from the date of issue. We may ask you to complete an annual declaration to confirm that your status has not changed during the 3 year period.

You can chaperone as many performances as you want during this time without notifying us.

Children's Services Licensing Team: child performances

Email: childperformances@dorsetcouncil.gov.uk
Tel: 01305224143
Full contact details

Read our chaperone licence privacy notice to find out how we use your application information.

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