Aims of the strategy

Recommendations for the allocation of developer contributions for enhancement of recreation and community infrastructure provision in Dorchester.

Set out the recommendations of an officer/member panel, established specifically to consider the use community and recreational related planning obligations secured for use in Dorchester.

Background to the proposal

Planning obligations have long been collected by Dorset Council and its predecessors. Meaningful amounts of money have accumulated which can be spent on projects at the council’s discretion. The panel was established to consider proposals for funding from external bodies. The Cabinet report sets out their funding recommendations.

Intelligence and communication 

Data, information, evidence and research used and how it has influenced the decision-making process

The planning agreements provide some parameters for how planning obligation monies can be spent. These parameters were shared with the panel together with presentations and supporting information from each bidder. 

The Great Field project proposal (one of the funding recommendations) has been subject to extensive consultation via the Poundbury Residents Association. 

What this data, information, evidence and research told us

That the projects met the criteria necessary to recommend an award. 

Engagement and consultation

The Great Field project proposal (one of the funding recommendations) has been subject to extensive consultation prior to coming to the Panel. 


Likely to be via the recipient of the award, e.g. The Duchy of Cornwall. 

An equality impact assessment (EqIA) is not required because the recommendations outlined in the report have come from a bespoke officer/member panel, established specifically to deal with the funding that is available to spend in Dorchester. This process ensures the recommendations provides best value and meet the needs of the local community. 

Officers who agreed this EqIA

Who has agreed this eqia
Role Name Date
Officer completing this EqIA Andrew Galpin 2 October 2020 
Equality lead Susan Ward-Rice 29 October 2020
Equality & Diversity Action Group Chair Dr David Bonner 29 October 2020

Diversity and Inclusion Officer - Dorset Council

Name: Susan Ward-Rice
Tel: 01305 224368
Full contact details

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