Aims of the Strategy

Context to the proposal

To provide a planning framework for securing developer contributions for dealing with the impact of new housing development on NHS healthcare across the Dorset Council area.

Intelligence and Communication

Data, information, evidence and research used and how it has influenced the decision-making process

  • demographic data – to establish future planned growth in different areas of Dorset.
  • demographic data – to establish trend of housing mix on existing open market and affordable housing development to help forecast future needs.
  • healthcare usage data – NHS occupancy levels to help establish the cost of healthcare provision. 
  • healthcare cost data – NHS build cost data to help establish the cost of healthcare provision. 
  • capital plans for Primary, Secondary (acute), and Community Services.

In the western half of Dorset there is a growing elderly population and a falling younger population. Overall there is a population increase. In the western half of Dorset there is greater increase in younger people.

The healthcare data and capital infrastructure information provided evidence that there is a need for mitigation to meet the demands of new development. 

The evidence was used to populate an established planning toolkit to generate a per dwelling tariff for mitigation.

Engagement or consultation that has taken place as part of this EqIA

This proposal has been developed as part of a multidisciplinary project led by the Dorset Integrated Care System – no engagement or consultation has taken place. 

An EqIA is not required 

This policy, strategy, project or service does not require an EqIA because the strategy facilitates the use of developer contributions to assist in the delivery of NHS healthcare infrastructure. The capital plans have already been agreed by the relevant NHS bodies and will therefore be subject to their own equalities procedures.

Who has agreed this EqIA? 

who agreed the eqia table



Officer completing this EqIA:

Andrew Galpin

2 October 2020

Equality Lead:

Susan Ward-Rice

29 October 2020

Equality & Diversity Action Group Chair:

Dr David Bonner

29 October 2020


Diversity and Inclusion Officer - Dorset Council

Name: Susan Ward-Rice
Tel: 01305 224368
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