The board has produced a Strategic Plan in 2017 to deliver better outcomes for the community.

Melcombe Regis includes Weymouth seafront, town centre and the residential areas of Greenhill and the Park District. It has many great features enjoyed by locals and thousands of visitors each year, however, has suffered from the structural decline of seaside resort towns, low paid seasonal jobs, poor quality housing and a transient population many with complex needs. Average life expectancy in the ward is up to 10 years less than other areas of the borough and this must change.

By bringing agencies together, the board, which was set-up in 2016 and meets every two months, intends to help tackle inequalities across Melcombe Regis in Weymouth.

Our vision

To ensure: 'Melcombe Regis is a safe, healthy and great place to live and work'.

Our priorities 

  • Housing - residents live in good quality housing which is affordable.
  • Community - a strong, integrated community with ready access to opportunities and services.
  • Environment - a restored sense of pride.
  • Health - everyone can lead healthier lives and support is provided for those in greatest need.
  • Employment - more jobs for local people and barriers to education, training and employment challenged and removed.
  • Crime - crime and anti-social behaviour is reduced and people feel safe.

The Melcombe Regis Board is made up of the following agencies:

  • Dorset Councils Partnership
  • Dorset Police
  • Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service
  • Weymouth College
  • Public Health Dorset
  • Dorset County Council
  • Dorset Police and Crime Commissioner
  • Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group
  • Team Around Melcombe Regis
  • Aster Housing

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