Our CCTV system is made up of cameras around Weymouth, Dorchester & Bridport. Some of these are fixed, while others can zoom in, pan and tilt. All images go to our CCTV Control Room based at Colliton Annex at County Hall.

Please note other systems maybe in operation which could be operated by Town/Parish Council or are privately owned.

What our CCTV service provides

CCTV works closely with other agencies including the police, Pub Watch, Shop Watch and Taxi Watch groups to achieve the following:

  • help prevent, detect and reduce crime, disorder and anti-social behaviour including drug and alcohol related violent crime
  • provide the Police, the council, and other authorised organisations with evidence upon which to take criminal and civil actions in the courts including identifying witnesses
  • assist in the management of the public areas covered by CCTV such as town centres and support the local authority’s civil enforcement and regulatory functions
  • assist in civil emergencies and countering terrorism
  • monitor traffic flow and assist in traffic management issues
  • is used to prove innocence as well as guilt
  • protect vulnerable people
  • locate missing, vulnerable persons including lost children on the beach
  • enhance public safety
  • this list is not exhaustive these are the key services we provide
If you wish to access CCTV footage to be used as evidence in an insurance claim or legal proceedings, please note the request must be made by your insurance company or solicitors acting on your behalf.  CCTV footage will only be released in these circumstances if the request is made by your insurance company or legal representative.

Moveable cameras

Some of our CCTV cameras are mobile. We can use them temporarily in areas of most need.

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