We are continuing to build a Local Offer based on the needs of parents, carers, professionals and young people in Dorset.

We attended the Teen to Adult event organised by the Dorset Parent Carer Council (DPCC) in October 2018 and asked young people with SEND and their parents how they find information about various topics. 32 young people and 39 parents took part. 

Find the feedback we've received and what actions we've taken as a result:

Your feedback about contact details

In the summer of 2018 a few people used our feedback button at the end of the Local Offer webpages to say that contact details would be helpful.

The action we took with contact details as a result of your feedback about our Local Offer

Where relevant we've been adding contact details to the teams who can provide more advice and guidance.

Your feedback about finding information

Finding information about schools and colleges

Internet searching was the most common way both parents and young people say they find information on schools and colleges. 

Young people also rely on their friends, family and school for this information; most young people don't use Dorsetforyou.

Parents would visit Dorsetforyou, other organisations and also ask their friends and family.

Finding information about activities

Asking friends and family is the most popular way for parents and young people to find information on activities, although internet searching is also a common method. 

Both said they use Dorsetforyou.

Finding information on transport

Once again, young people would go to friends and family for transport information, followed by an internet search.

Parents said they come to us either by phone, on Dorsetforyou or by email. Both said their school would be another way to find this information. 

Finding a health service (we only asked parents this question)

The majority of parents said they rely on doctors and their child's school to find a relevant health service to support their child. Some just contact the service directly. 

No parents said they would come to us for this information.

The action we took as a result of your feedback about finding information

In response to all this feedback we are:

  • improving our web content and searches so that Dorsetforyou is more likely to appear when you search for SEND if you live in Dorset

  • reviewing our teen to adult section so that it's suitable for everyone, including those finding information on behalf of young people

  • improving awareness of our SEND Local Offer with professionals working with families, including schools, so they know where to find the information

  • signposting to other organisations when they are the most relevant and trusted place parents and young people would look, especially for health information

SEND newsletter

We also asked parents if it would be helpful to get a SEND-specific newsletter in addition to our parent newsletter

We've launched a SEND newsletter. Read the latest one and sign up to receive it.

Feedback from a parent asking for help for her son

A parent used our feedback form to ask about support for her 17 year old son who has social anxiety and body dysmorphic disorder (BDB), with concerns about his access to education over the last few years.

One of our SEN officers contacted the parent. Ansbury Guidance have registered him for their Face Forward project. 

Face Forward supports young people aged between 15 and 24 years who are out of employment, education and training. Her son will work with a mentor to create a plan and work with an appropriate provider to support him back into education.

Update: this service (Ansbury Guidance) and project (Face Forward) ended in 2021. Find support for young people aged 16 to 25 with SEND who are not in education, employment or training.

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