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We received this comment through our feedback form:

'I am trying to help a friend find respite care for her 16 year old daughter who has some disabilities and epilepsy. They need occasional weekend nights. Social services pay for this. However, they have been unable to help her find a new carer and neither she nor I have managed to find any information online or via the local authority to help. I wondered where the list for respite carers for children is located, please?'


We passed this customer's details to the Children who are disabled team who were able to give her guidance to support her family.

You can find guidance on finding a carer or personal assistant on LinkMeUp Dorset.

Respite is now known as short breaks, but it's clear from this feedback that people still search for 'respite'. Therefore, we have added it to our short breaks page within the Local Offer, in the activities section. We have tagged all our short break records in the Family Information Directory with the term 'respite' so they can be found more easily.

You can also find information on Dorset Short breaks on the Xchange website.

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