Are you frustrated with receiving visits to your home from cold calling traders?

Are you concerned about rogue traders calling on your vulnerable neighbours seeking work?

We work closely with Dorset Police and other agencies to help reduce incidents of distraction burglary and rogue trading. Our sticker initiative is designed to empower residents, giving them the confidence to deal with cold calling traders.

We expect all traders to respect your wishes but if they don't, they may be liable to prosecution for ignoring your request to leave and not return.

If you feel you are being pressured into having work done or buy goods you don't want, ask the trader to leave. It's an offence for the trader to stay at your home once you have asked them to leave. If you feel threatened by the trader then call 999.

Download and print door stickers

To display outside your home: Uninvited Trader external door sticker

Get door stickers sent to you

You will need the full address of the place you would like us to send your stickers. Stickers can only be sent to residents in the Dorset Council area.

Get a door sticker in person

Supplies of these stickers should be available in your local library and from Dorset Neighbourhood Policing Teams, Neighbourhood Watch and Home Watch.