Results by party

Party Seats won
  Conservative 4
  Green 0
  Independent or No Party 0
  Labour 0
  Liberal Democrat 0

Results by Constituency

North Dorset

Votes cast (including spoilt ballots): 56,370

Turnout: 73.44%

Candidate Votes Party
David Wain Chadwick 11,404   Liberal Democrat
Simon James Hoare (elected) 35,705   Conservative
Ken Huggins 2,261   Green
Pat Osborne 6,737   Labour

South Dorset

Votes cast (including spoilt ballots): 51,250

Turnout: 69.44%

Candidate Votes Party
Richard Drax (elected) 30,024   Conservative
Joseph Green 485   Independent or No Party
Nick Ireland 5,432   Liberal Democrat
Jon Orrell 2,246   Green
Carralyn Parkes 12,871   Labour

West Dorset

Votes cast (including spoilt ballots): 61,162

Turnout: 74.70%

Candidate Votes Party
Kelvin Charles Clayton 2,124   Green
Chris Loder (elected) 33,589   Conservative
Edward Morello 19,483   Liberal Democrat
Claudia Catherine Sorin 5,729   Labour

Mid Dorset and North Poole

Please note: Whilst the Dorset Council area includes areas of the Mid Dorset and North Poole constituency, elections for this constituency are undertaken by Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council as it covers the largest area of the constituency. 

Votes cast (including spoilt ballots): 49,082

Turnout: 75.02%

Candidate Votes     Party
Natalie Drifa Jay Carswell 1,330   Green
Michael James Tomlinson (elected) 29,548   Conservative
Vikki Slade 14,650   Liberal Democrat
Joanne Oldale 3,402   Labour