We know that the transfer of assets to communities can help them to be:

  • stronger
  • more resilient
  • sustainable

To be eligible for an asset transfer you must be a:

  • town or parish council
  • voluntary organisation
  • community-based organisation

Transferring assets allow those communities to support services within their local areas.

We are inviting organisations to apply for community asset transfer.

We will consider each application on its own merits.

When we transfer an asset:

  • we will transfer it in its current condition
  • the transfer will use our standard heads of terms
  • you will take on all responsibility for the asset from the date of transfer
  • we will not provide any ongoing monetary or service support

The transfer process

We aim to assess simple, low value asset transfer applications within 12 weeks.

Our assessment will include:

  • the benefit to the community
  • the local community involvement
  • the sustainability of the asset
  • how you will organise yourself to manage the asset
  • ability to maintain the asset

Find out more about the low value process by reading our policy.

Assessing a more complicated asset, or an asset of high value (over £15,000) is likely to take at least 6 months. Transferring the asset may take longer.

We will assess high value transfers in the same principles but we will need more time time to:

  • review the application
  • fully understand the proposal
  • understand the complexities of the site in question
  • list it for our quarterly decision meeting

Find out more about the high value process by reading our policy.

We may limit how many applications we process at one time. This is to allow for proper investigation and consideration. We will keep you notified if this is the case.

Start an asset transfer application

You will need:

  • a plan (see the gov.uk guide for help)
  • an email address for us to contact if we need more information about your application
  • the Land Registry Title Reference Number(s) should start DT. (You can get this from the Land Registry if you don't know it)

Contact us

For further information please contact us:

Community asset transfers

Name: Community asset transfers
Name: Assets & Property
Email: communityassettransfer@dorsetcouncil.gov.uk
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