VAT chargeable on all fees unless stated.

Weight calibration service to OIML M1

Service Calibration standards Number of determinations Result  Fees
Service A Local Multiple Values and uncertainty  £35.70
Service B Local Single Error statement  £30.45

Non standard OIML weights Service B charged at £35.70

Cleaning and painting charged at £6.30 for 5kg or less, £8.93 for over 5kg.

Where two or more weights of the same nominal value are submitted at the same time the fee for calibration is reduced by 50% for the second and subsequent weight for Service B only.

Adjustment fee £35.70 per weight.

Weight hire fees

Service Cost
 Standing charge for hire  £82.95
 Rate per tonne, or part tonne per day  £82.95
 Delivery and collection  £114.71 per hour

Weights not returned in an acceptable condition will incur a cleaning, painting and adjustment charge.

Weighing instrument fees

Service Cost
 Not exceeding 1 tonne  £88.73
 1 tonne to 10 tonnes  £125.21
 Exceeding 10 tonnes  £282.71
 Angling club sale and certificate of errors  £70.09

50% discount for second and subsequent machine submitted at the same time.

Measuring instruments for liquid fuel and lubricants fees

Service Cost
 First meter  £148.58
 Second and subsequent meter  £88.73

Road tankers

Measuring equipment for liquid fuel dispensed in quantities in excess of 100 litres.
Service Cost
Wet hose type with two testing liquids £310.80
Dry hose type with two testing liquids £310.80
Wet/Dry hose with two testing liquids £444.68
Regulation 65 or 66 occurrence Hourly rate of £114.71 per hour

Miscellaneous fees

For all other services including examining, testing, certifying, stamping, authorising or reporting on any type of weighing or measuring equipment not specified here, including attendance on site, travelling time and hire charges the fee is £114.71 per hour.

Petroleum storage (statutory fees)

The Health and Safety Nuclear (Fees) Regulations 2022. No VAT Chargeable

Service Cost
Regulation 6 storage certificate, or Regulation 14 licence where premises to be used for storage of petrol of the following quantities  Free
 Not exceeding 2,500 litres  £48
 Exceeding 2,500 litres, but not exceeding 50,000 litres  £65
 Exceeding 50,000 litres  £137


Petroleum searches of historic records

The fee is £115.50 per hour, minimum charge 1 hour. Where no records found, £57.75 charge.

Explosive storage (statutory fees)

Explosives Licence Fees – Hazard Type 4

Storage of up to 250kg Net explosive quantity

Duration New application Renewal
1 year £119 £59
2 years £154 £94
3 years £190 £132
4 years £226 £166
5 years £260 £202

Explosives Licence Fees – Hazard Type 4

Storage between 250kg and 2000kg Net explosive quantity

Duration New application Renewal
1 year £202 £94
2 years £266 £161
3 years £333 £226
4 years £409 £291
5 years £463 £357

Explosives Licence Fees - Hazard Type 3

Storage between 25kg and 2000kg Net Explosive Content

Duration New application Renewal
1 year £202 £94
2 years £266 £161
3 years £333 £226
4 years £409 £291
5 years £463 £357

Other fees

  • varying name of licensee or address of site - £40
  • any other kind of variation - reasonable cost of having the work carried out - charged at our hourly rate
  • transfer of licence or replacement of licence - £40

Buy with confidence membership fees

The scheme is a national scheme operated in over 50 local authority areas. The fees for new members are set nationally. Further details can be found on the Buy With Confidence website.

Buy with confidence membership for new members Cost
0 to 5 employees application fee £155
0 to 5 employees membership per annum £285
6 to 20 employees application fee £215
6 to 20 employees membership per annum £430
21 to 50 employees application fee £270
21 to 50 employees membership per annum £570
Additional premises fees per annum £90
Additional trading style per annum £145
Over 50 employees Bespoke rate - price on application to BWC
Primary Authority Partnerships Cost
Business support is provided at the stated hourly rate with a minimum 25 hour package £65.05 (per hour)

Other chargeable business support, training and advice will be charged at an appropriate hourly rate depending on the nature of the work and expertise required. Price on application plus VAT