The Rodwell Trail is very popular with pedestrians, cyclists and dog walkers taking in 3.5k along Weymouth's old railway line and Sandsfoot Castle.

The Rodwell Trail is a shared use walking and cycling path which now forms part of National Cycle Network Route 26 (Portland to Portishead).

It provides a pleasant, traffic free 3.5km walk or bicycle ride from Westham Bridge in the heart of Weymouth's town centre to Ferry Bridge. From there you can continue 0.8km along the traffic free Portland Beach Road route to the Chesil Beach Visitor Centre. A further 2.3km will take you to Fortuneswell on Portland.

Visit the Rodwell Trail website for more information. You can also Join the Facebook group.

Join the Friends of the Rodwell Trail

Contact the Friends of the Rodwell Trail and Sandsfoot Castle to become a member and be involved in helping to make this wonderful green route across town even better.

The trail is very popular with pedestrians, cyclists and dog walkers and can get busy, especially during the summer. Please respect other users and be courteous. 

There is space for all on the trail if people can follow some simple protocols:

As a cyclist

  • be aware that pedestrians may not see or hear you coming, especially young children and the elderly who cannot judge speed of approaching bikes. Please be considerate
  • slow down and ring your bell or say "excuse me please" when approaching pedestrians
  • a polite "thanks" when passing always helps
  • there may be occasions when you should give way, especially to young children and the elderly
  • look out for dogs on leads
  • remember that although you may feel in complete control of your bike, a bike travelling at speed can be very intimidating to other path users, especially young children

The trail is not a place for cyclists to practice time trials, racing or travel excessively fast, especially when it is busy. If you want to go about 10mph in busy periods then please use alternative routes.

As a pedestrian

  • be aware that cyclists are entitled and encouraged to use the Rodwell Trail (every cyclist is one less car on the road)
  • please expect to encounter cyclists so take care and pay due attention
  • if you are walking in a large group, please do not walk 4 or 5 abreast as this blocks the trail for other pedestrians and cyclists
  • if walking your dog, please keep it under control

Walk or cycle along the trail and visit Henry Vlll's ruined castle set in a cliff top garden overlooking Portland Harbour.