The Freedom Programme has been designed to help any woman who has been a victim of or is affected by domestic abuse.

Our aims are to:

  • help women identify abusive behaviours and beliefs held by abusive men
  • help women gain self esteem and the confidence to improve the quality of their lives
  • show how domestic abuse affects children
  • help women recognise future abusers and move on to abuse free lives

The most common held belief amongst victims of domestic abuse is that they are somehow responsible for the abuser's behaviour. The Freedom Programme is designed to identify that this is not the case and to reassure women that they are not alone.

The Freedom Programme is a rolling 10 week programme. The course is structured so that each session stands alone and women can join at any time. There is no charge for attending. 

The programme is delivered by trained facilitators experienced in supporting women affected by domestic abuse. It's not about providing individual support or counselling but it is about women moving on to abuse free lives and making new friends. 

A brief safety assessment will be made by the facilitators before you attend the programme.

Domestic Abuse Intervention Training (DAIT) 4 Change course dates

Course dates for the Freedom Programme
Date Location
Starting 10 September  Online 

Starting 11 September 


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Hope to Recovery

A 6 week programme for any adult who is experiencing/ has experienced domestic abuse. Following the trauma informed principles of the Recovery toolkit, the programme uses a psycho-educational approach and therefore avoids triggering or re-traumatising participants. It is evidence based and gender neutral and can be used to support anyone experiencing abuse. Suitable for clients not ready to attend the Freedom Programme. 

Programme dates

Not currently running. 

For more information or to book a place contact us.

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