The Dorset Short Breaks Care Passport is for parents to use to tell providers (the organisation that looks after your child) about their child and his or her particular needs.

We developed this Care Passport by working with parents and providers to make sure it:

  • asks the right questions
  • is easy to complete
  • gives the right information a provider needs to know about your child

Our Care Passport also includes space for any extra information you want to add to make sure the provider has all the details they need.

Benefit of using our Care Passport

Using our Short Break Care Passport means you don't have to explain your situation over and over again to different providers. You can leave your Care Passport with a provider or just send them a fresh copy when things change.

Many providers already ask you to complete a Care Passport and send it to them before they will let you book on their activities. They can keep your Care Passport for any future bookings. This means you can be sure they have the information about your child that you want them to have.

Create your child's Care Passport

You can create a new passport or update your existing one at any time.

We've set it up so you don't have to log in or remember any passwords. Once you've created the passport we send you a copy by email with a link to your form. You can go back into your form at any point. Make sure you keep the email safe.

Create a Care Passport for your child now

Create your child's Care Passport using our simple online form.

It should only take a few minutes to complete your form. At the end you'll have an easy-to-read form that you can print out or email as often as you like.

The questions are quick, simple and you can even upload a photo so that a provider can recognise your child easily.

You still have one of our old Xchange Care Passports

Unfortunately we cannot change an old Xchange Care Passport into the new Short Break Care Passport as they're not linked in any way.

Complete the new form to get a Short Break Care Passport. It's much simpler and easier for providers to use too.

The Xchange privacy notice

Read The Xchange privacy notice.