Let's S.C.R.A.P. flytipping!

We have launched a new campaign based around the SCRAP code, which tells people how to follow their duty of care when they have got waste to get rid of.

Rubbish you've handed to someone else is still your legal responsibility until it is correctly disposed of. If someone - such as an unlicensed 'man in a van' found online - were to fly-tip that waste, you could end up paying a fine or being taken to court.

Make sure you are covered when handing over your waste: -

If a builder, tradesman, gardener etc. transports waste on your behalf - such as debris left over from a job they've done for you - they also need to be registered as a Waste Carrier and dispose of any materials in a responsible manner.

Report it

If you see a fly-tip, make a note of where it is, take a picture if you can, and note down any other details. Never touch the waste or confront fly-tippers.

You can report it to us by: -

Where there is sufficient evidence we will continue to investigate all reported fly-tipping incidents and we will attempt to trace and prosecute anyone found to be fly-tipping on public land.

Use your local Household Recycling Centre

Most fly-tips in Dorset consist of household waste that could have been taken to a household recycling centre (HRC, or "the tip") and disposed of completely free of charge.

There are 10 HRCs across Dorset, open daily, free to visit and do not charge for most items.

If you have a van or trailer, you can easily apply for a permit - the process is easy and approval is usually instant.

Items that are free to drop off include: -

  • household rubbish and recycling
  • furniture - (eg. Sofas, tables, chairs, patio furniture)
  • white goods - (eg. Fridges, cookers, washing machines)
  • garden waste
  • clothing and textiles

A small number of items incur a charge when taken to an HRC.

Material that has come from commercial activity, including work carried out by a builder or tradesperson on your behalf, cannot be accepted at any household recycling centre.