School uniform grants (also known as school clothing grants)

You may be able to claim school clothing grants for children attending school.

Uniforms are specific requirements laid out by schools. You cannot get help from schools for non-specific items of clothing such as coats or shoes.

Schools do not have to provide help to buy school uniform. Your child's school should not exclude your child if they do not follow the school uniform policy because you're unable to pay for their school uniform.

Your child's school can take disciplinary action if you do not follow the school uniform policy.

Get help to buy a school uniform

Contact your child's school if you need help buying a school uniform. Make sure you contact them before they close in July for the summer.

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Trust funds

Family Action distribute grants to individuals over the age of 14.

Able and gifted pupils

Awards for Young Musicians (AYM)

Clingan's Trust

  • education and training for a career
  • music
  • the arts
  • social and physical training

Sutton Trust

Through the Sutton Trust, young people are given the chance to fulfil their potential, regardless of their family background, school or where they live.

Priority is given to projects that focus on:

  • maths
  • science and technology
  • modern foreign languages

The amount of grant provided depends on the size and length of the project.

Talented Athletes Scholarship Scheme (TASS)

This scheme supports young people who want to realise their potential as an athlete. It allows them to continue with a formal education or take up employment beyond the statutory school leaving age.
Funding of up to £3,000 is available towards the costs of:

  • sports medicine
  • coaching
  • physiotherapy
  • lifestyle management
  • training facilities

Find out more about TASS