There is no statutory requirement for the local authority to provide sandbags. Residents or business owners are responsible for protecting their own property from floodwater and it is highly recommended that they have plans in place to do so. Therefore we encourage residents to visit their local builder’s merchant to purchase and store sandbags or equivalent products in advance of a flood event. 

We encourage residents to make plans to protect their property in advance of flooding such as buying and storing sandbags or equivalent products, particularly if their property is in a susceptible area.

We advise anyone who feels they are at risk of flooding to invest in some form of flood protection. You can find information on what products are available on the National Flood Forum website.

We will endeavour to help residents in emergency flooding situations, such as if a residential property is at imminent risk of internal flooding. This will be via sandbag collection from a community store. However, it is the property owner's responsibility to protect themselves in the first instance.

Dorset Council will not recover and dispose of sandbags after an incident.

In times of non-severe weather, we will be pleased to consider requests from communities who wish to establish a community sandbag store.

Find your nearest community sandbag store in the Dorset Council area

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To enquire about your local community store, please get in touch.

Report flooding

Notify us of a flood risk incident which is likely to cause internal property flooding

Unused sandbags

If you have space, store them in case you need them again. Alternatively, empty the sand (dig it into the garden, if you have one) and put the empty sack in the household rubbish bin, or take it to a recycling centre.

Used sandbags

Handle the bags with care using gloves and take them to a recycling centre. Bags filled with sand can be placed in the rubble skip. Gel bags should be put in the landfill skip.

Do not put contaminated sand or bags in your household waste collection.

Local flood advice

We work closely with the Environment Agency to help promote and facilitate their Flood Warden Scheme.

We can help residents in emergency situations but it is the property owner's responsibility to protect themselves in the first instance.

Siren warnings for Chiswell residents

The siren indicates that flooding will be severe with extreme risk to people and property. You should take yourself, family and pets to a room upstairs away from the seaward side of the building. Take your flood kit with you and stay there until you are told that it is safe to come downstairs. This could be a few hours later.