Road preservation is an early life preventative treatment which stops water ingress and surface deterioration on roads that are still in a good condition.

As part of the life of a carriageway, the road surface will become oxidised with microcracking beginning to form and leading to an increase of minor surface imperfections.

Road Preservation is a low-cost early life intervention to seal micro-cracks and prevent water ingress from causing more severe damage.

Carrying out the work

Road preservation is a relatively quick process that requires dry weather.

On the day, the road is swept and is immediately followed by a specialist truck which sprays an asphalt liquid onto the road surface to seal micro-cracking and prevent water ingress from causing more pronounced damage – leading to potholes.

Once the treatment has set, traffic is allowed back onto the carriageway.

This treatment is usually used on higher speed roads and takes place within a road or lane closure. Due to the types of roads being treated, closures will be overnight wherever possible to minimise disruption on these busy routes.

How you can help

To minimise disruption, there are a few things you can do to help us.

Before work starts

  • look out for yellow advance warning signs with specific times and dates of the road closure (information about the work will be sent directly to any properties with frontages in the works area)

On the day and during the work

  • please move your car off the road before the road is closed
  • please keep to signed diversion routes/paths
  • please keep children and pets well away from the work – for safety and cleanliness

After the work

  • the site will be cleared and cleaned
  • the road will be reopened as soon as it is safe to do so