Reusable period products are becoming popular because of their many benefits. You can buy them in high street shops, supermarkets and online.

Better for the environment

Disposable period products can contain up to 90% plastic. A single pad can take as long as 500 years to break down.

Switching to reusables helps:

  • reduce waste
  • avoid plastic
  • lower your environmental impact

Better for your health

Disposable period products can contain chemical fragrances which can potentially lead to irritation.

Reusable products contain no chemicals which may cause your skin to react.

Better for your bank balance

You can save money by switching to reusables, compared to single-use items. For example, each period can cost on average £5. That’s £65 a year and £2,400 over a lifetime.

In comparison, a menstrual cup costs up to £23 and can last up to 10 years!

Get money off

You can save even more money on reusable period products if you’re a Dorset Council resident!

We have teamed up with brands to offer you 15% off a range of reusable period products.

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You can use your discount on:

The discount won’t usually apply to items already on offer and on some bundle sets. The Modibodi discount excludes Puma, Maxi, Give a Pair and vouchers.

Reusable options

Period pants

Simply a pair of pants with an absorbent inner panel. They come in all shapes, styles, sizes and absorbencies. At the end of the day just rinse with cold water, pop into your washing machine and then hang out to dry.

Period pads

A shaped pad with wings that popper around your pants similar to a disposable pad. Spare pads fold up discreetly and used pads can be stored in a small stylish wet bag. There are lots of sizes and absorbencies to suit your needs.

To clean, rinse with cold water after use, then pop into the washing machine with your next wash.

Menstrual cups

A soft silicone cup which is used internally as an alternative to a tampon. It catches the blood rather than absorbs it. Fold to insert, then it opens up to create a seal. After 6 to 12 hours, empty and rinse before reinserting. Supplied with a discreet pouch to store it in. At the end of your period, give it a sterilising wash and you’re all set for next time.

Menstrual discs

A disc sits higher up and is flatter in shape than a menstrual cup. Use and wash in the same way as a menstrual cup. Supplied with a discreet pouch to store it in.

Reusable tampon applicators

If you’re not quite ready to make the switch to reusables but want to move away from disposable tampon applicators, reusable applicators are available to wash and reuse.

Make sure you check and follow care and use instructions which come with each product as they may vary between suppliers.

Poster to display on cubicle doors

You can download a reusable period products poster for your workplace, business or community building with public-use toilets to display on cubicle doors.

The poster gives the message of ‘don’t flush’ disposable products down your toilets and promotes the alternative of reusable products and our discount incentive.