From 31 December 2023, small amounts of DIY waste will be accepted at our Household Recycling Centres (HRCs) free of charge.

You will need to book a slot before taking your DIY waste to any of our Household Recycling Centres. There is a maximum of 4 bookings per household in any four-week period when disposing of DIY waste.

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Material that has come from commercial activity, including work carried out by a builder or tradesperson on your behalf, will not be accepted at all regardless of whether you are prepared to pay for it or not.

Free DIY waste disposal is limited to either:

  • a maximum of 100 litres of hardcore, rubble, soil, plasterboard or glass (equivalent to 4 bags of standard 25 litre rubble bags); or
  • a single article no larger than 2000mm x 750mm x 700mm in size (approximately the size of a standard bath)

Any amount of DIY waste above this will be accepted but will be charged for at the rates outlined below.

Material charges

Hardcore and rubble

£1.50 per bag or item (find out more about bag sizes)

Charged for:

  • bricks
  • blocks
  • slates
  • tiles
  • rubble
  • paving slabs
  • concrete
  • hardcore
  • ceramic toilets/sinks/pedestals/baths
  • window/door glass
  • Shower screen/panel
  • Greenhouse glass

Pedestals and toilet cisterns are charged for separately. Therefore, a sink and pedestal would be two items.


£1.50 per bag (find out more about bag sizes)

Charged for:

  • soil
  • stones
  • sand
  • gravel


This service is available for small scale DIY repairs such as the replacement of a damaged roof panel. It is not for large scale works such as removal of an entire asbestos roof. 

This service is limited to a one-off booking of either:

Of the following bonded asbestos only:

  • roof sheets
  • floor / ceiling tiles
  • soffits, gutters and drains
  • storage heater
  • water tank
  • airing-cupboard door and oven doors
  • ironing boards
  • fire blankets
  • hot plates

Sheets of cement-bonded asbestos should measure no more than 6ft x 4ft (183cm x 122cm).

If you have more than the one-off limited amount of asbestos you will need to contact a commercial waste company who deal with asbestos disposal.

Book an asbestos disposal slot

Only pre-booked asbestos will be accepted on site. It must be securely wrapped.


Charged for:

  • plaster and gypsum related products
  • plaster powder


Motor vehicle and motorcycle tyres - £5 per tyre

Charged for:

  • motor vehicle tyres
  • motorcycle tyres

No charge:

  • bicycle tyres
  • wheelbarrow tyres

Cannot be accepted

  • commercial tyres
  • agricultural tyres

Gas canisters (including fire extinguishers)

Charged for:

  • LPG cylinders
  • fire extinguishers
  • helium bottles

No charge:

  • small camping stove canisters
  • soda stream bottles

Cannot be accepted:

  • brewery cylinders
  • diving cylinders
  • welding cylinders
  • medical cylinders (including oxygen cylinders)


Most gas canisters can be returned to their point of purchase free of charge, or via an associated local dealer.

Charges are:

  • £6 small (up to 10kg)
  • £11 medium (10kg - 20kg)
  • £35 large (more than 20kg) or specialist containers

Bag sizes

A bag is equivalent to a small, plastic, sand/aggregate bag from standard DIY stores (or similar) that can be safely lifted by one person.

All other household waste materials continue to be accepted from residents free of charge.


Before unloading your waste, please see a member of site staff who will work out how much you need to pay.

The site manager's decision on materials and payment will be final.

Cashless payment would be preferred i.e. debit or credit card (excluding American Express), contactless payment, Apple Pay or Android Pay.

Printed receipts are available for all transactions.