Pre-birth to 5 years is such an important time for your child's learning and development.

We want to help all adults understand the role they play in supporting children to lay the foundations to thrive during this time, ready to start school.

We call this journey 'readiness to thrive'.

Readiness to thrive

We have defined the skills children need to develop to be ready to thrive at school.

We believe it’s important that children can:

  • express their feelings
  • manage their emotions
  • be kind and empathetic
  • separate from their carer
  • use small tools
  • have friendships
  • understand routines
  • use the toilet independently
  • manage personal needs
  • recognise their name
  • play and explore
  • be curious and investigate
  • listen to others
  • enjoy books
  • sing songs and rhymes
  • see differences positively
  • understand numbers
  • have respect for living things
  • enjoy physical activity
  • have good manners
  • be part of a group

Resources to help you support your child