Once you complete the application form, you will receive an action through your online account. This will be for supporting information and/or documents that are required to complete your assessment. 

You will be able to upload documents directly into your account. There will be step by step instructions available on how to do this.  

We will initially request supporting documents depending on your circumstances, these may include:

  • photographic ID for all main applicants (passport or driving licence) 
  • Birth Certificates for all those on your application (including children)
  • National Insurance Numbers for all main applicants 
  • proof of your current address such as an up to date Council Tax bill 
  • evidence of settled or pre-settled status 
  • proof of income, savings, investments and/or capital
  • 5 years address history
  • employment history
  • evidence of child benefit for all dependant children
  • local connection documents
  • medical evidence

Eligible applicants need to provide evidence online when they submit their application. If for any reason applicants are unable to provide all documents at the time of submission, a period of 20 days can be allowed for further documents to be provided. Otherwise the application will be cancelled.