Process for assessing a 20mph limit or zone


All applications must be received from the Town or Parish Council or the local Council Member. These should be submitted to the Road Safety Team via the online application form.

Assessment criteria

All applications received will be assessed using set criteria.

As a guide formal requests should demonstrate the following criteria:

  1. they are in towns or villages where there is a depth of residential development and high levels of pedestrian and cycle movement or there is a potential for high levels of pedestrian and cycle movement if a 20mph scheme was introduced; they should not be on roads where the movement of motor vehicles is the primary function
  2. current mean speeds are at or below 24mph
  3. there is significant community support

The application process

The application process runs through the following steps:

  1. Town / Parish Council or Local Ward Member complete the Community Led 20mph request form.
  2. Request received by the Road Safety Team.
  3. Road Safety Team to check eligibility of request against criteria.
  4. Judge whether the request meets the criteria.
  5. If it does not meet the criteria then the request does not proceed.
  6. If it does, judge whether the request is ranked as high priority.
  7. If the request does not rank as high priority it would not proceed via the Speed Limit Order (SLO) programme and we could inform the Local Councillor, Town or Parish Council of the outcome.
  8. If it does meet the criteria and is ranked as high priority then:
    1. The scope of the 20mph scheme extent to be finalised and agreed with the Town / Parish Council or Local Dorset Council ward member.
    2. The request will be added to the SLO programme. The frequency of 20mph programme to be confirmed.

Other options if the request is not successful

The Town/Parish can:

  1. Consider eligibility for a community funded process. See the principle and criteria document for information.
  2. Request to be put in with community funding and if all the criteria have been met then it is added to the SLO programme, subject to available resource.