Report a pothole

You can report a pothole in the road or pavement online

Fixing potholes

We fix around 20,000 potholes every year. We aim to permanently repair potholes on our first visit.

Our pothole repairs include more extensive patching of 'failed' areas surrounding the defect, instead of just repairing the immediate pothole. This approach will reduce the likelihood of further potholes forming in the future.


Potholes are prioritised for repair based on location, size, depth and the category of road it's on - a pothole on an A class road will be fixed quicker than a similar pothole on a C or D class road.


We aim to complete repairs within 32 hours (for the highest risk) and 28 days (for minor risk) of reporting by public or inspection team, making every effort to repair the majority of potholes within 28 days.

Although our repair times will increase with this new approach, as the process is more time consuming, we believe this is more efficient and is better value for money than other temporary techniques.

There will still be occasions where - for the safety of road users - temporary measures are used for a quick fix and followed up with a permanent repair.