Information about the Home Office barge for asylum seekers at Portland Port:

  • the Home Office will be housing asylum seekers on the Bibby Stockholm berthed in Portland Port. The Home Office is working with Corporate Travel Management (CTM) which is responsible for the day-to-day management of the barge
  • the Home Office and Portland Port worked together to agree a commercial arrangement
  • Dorset Council, Dorset Police, NHS Dorset and other agencies have statutory responsibilities to ensure robust arrangements are in place. Agencies in Dorset are working with the Home Office and the Port through a Multi-Agency Forum, preparing for the arrival of the barge and the asylum seekers
  • agencies in Dorset are working in the best interests of both residents and asylum seekers to make sure arrangements operate smoothly, with minimal impact on local services and communities

Government factsheet

Read the government's factsheet about the asylum seeker accommodation in Portland Port, which has more details about their plan and how it will work.