Notify us of intended demolition and find out more about the demolition process including how to deal with Asbestos.

The demolition process

To demolish a building or structure greater than 50m3 you need to notify us. Notification should be made at least 6 weeks before demolition starts.

This enables all appropriate people and organisations to be advised of the proposed demolition and that measures to safeguard the health and safety of the public are put in place.

Normally, we issue counter notices (demolition permits) within one to two weeks although it can take a maximum of 6. If the 6 weeks has elapsed or you have received your counter notice you can commence work.

The counter notice will include a set of conditions and a schedule detailing measures to be taken to ensure that safety issues are addressed.

During the demolition process a Building Control surveyor may visit the site to ensure that conditions are being met.

It is an offence to demolish a building without the necessary notice being given.

Exempt work

No counter notice is required for the following work:

  • a demolition pursuant to an order under the Housing Act 1957
  • demolition of an internal part of a building, where the building is occupied and will continue to be so
  • a building that is less than 50m3 (externally),
  • a greenhouse, conservatory, shed or prefabricated garage forming part of a larger building
  • an agricultural building, unless it is adjoining with another building that is non-agricultural

What you need to start work

As well as a signed and completed notice you will need:

  • a plan to a scale not less than 1/1250 showing the boundaries of the site
  • a plan showing the outline of the building or part to be demolished
  • a detailed method statement of how the demolition is to be carried out

Copies of the application should also be sent as appropriate to:

  • the owners of any adjacent buildings
  • the public gas supplier (Transco)
  • the public electricity supplier (Southern Electric)
  • the local water company (Wessex Water or South West Water)
  • Dorset Fire and Rescue Service

If the building is thought to contain asbestos, notification should be given to the Health and Safety Executive.

Notify us of demolition

It is an offence to demolish a building without the necessary notice being given.

Alternative methods to notify us

Download a printable version of the notice of intended demolition form once completed you can submit your form to us.

If you are a home owner/applicant submitting the application yourself please be aware your name and address will be provided to adjacent properties and utilities for them to contact you directly if they have any queries.

Further guidance

Further consent for demolition may be required under the Planning Acts.

Find out more about demolition on the Planning Portal

Data protection

How we comply with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and how you can obtain details of personal information we hold about you.