Core Membership

Core Membership
Name Agency
Cllr Graham Carr-Jones Dorset Council (Chair)
Supt. Richard Bell Dorset Police
Vanessa Read Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)
Cllr Byron Quayle Dorset & Wilts Fire and Rescue Authority 


Name Agency
Nicola Denny Youth Offending Service 
Helen Fletcher Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner
John Newcombe Dorset Council
Andrew Billany Dorset Council
Ch. Ispt. Jim Beashel  Dorset Police
Louise Drury Dorset Council
Andy Frost Dorset Council
Ian Grant Dorset Council
Kay Wilson-White Dorset Council 


  • Toni Shepherd (National Probation Service)
  • Kristy Claughton (Dorset, Devon and Cornwall Probation)

No 1

Item - Minutes of Meeting Held on 17 December and Matters Arising 

1.1 The minutes of the meeting held on 17 December were agreed.

1.4 Perpetrator Offers

1.2 Ian Grant gave an update on the development of interventions with perpetrators. Two main developments are the continued roll out of the Drive programme and an extension of the Up2U project.

2.3 Domestic Violence Protection Orders (DVPO)

1.3 There had been a significant increase in the use of DVPOs. Dorset Police have three inhouse legal experts who have led on obtaining the orders and achieved better outcomes. Dorset Police are also actively monitoring offender compliance with the orders. The Police currently share information with partners on DVPOs relevant to HRDA cases but are looking to extend this to cases not going through HRDA.

  • Action - Jim Beashel

2.5 Domestic Abuse Prosecutions

1.4 Jim Beashel confirmed that the positive outcome rate for domestic abuse crimes was 14.7% which was a slight reduction on the previous year. Within Dorset Police there had been a focus on evidence-led prosecutions giving a better chance of a positive outcome even if the victim did not want to participate.

1.5 Cllr Carr-Jones requested that the CSP’s robust approach to tackling domestic abuse was communicated to the public. It was agreed this should complement the communication campaign planned for when current restrictions due to Covid are lifted. Information relating to domestic abuse had already been placed in vaccination sites and it was agreed each agency would explore their internal communications to ensure front line workers were aware of the agreed approach.

  • Action - Ian Grant / All Partners

The remaining matters arising were covered on the agenda.

No 2

Progress Against Strategic Priorities 

2.1 Andy Frost introduced a report detailing progress against strategic priorities. He confirmed the Strategic Priority Delivery Group looked at both statistics and the evidence behind the statistics.

2.2 In summary compared to quarter 3 last year there had been:

  • a reduction of 14% in total crime
  • an increase in domestic abuse incidents but an 8% reduction in domestic abuse crimes
  • a reduction of 17% in serious sexual offences

2.3 Andy gave a summary of work highlights from the previous quarter including: 

  • The roll out of Operation Encompass with Dorset schools
  • The plan to train key staff in Children Services to deliver the ‘Healing Together’ programme
  • Working with the DWFRS to train retained fire officers to deliver the Dragonfly project
  • Working with the criminal justice system to improve the outcomes for victims of rape and serious sexual assaults both in terms of criminal justice and well being
  • Working with Trading Standards to disseminate material for the ‘Friends against scams’ initiative.

2.4 A significant amount of activity related to tackling fraud had been added to the delivery plan since the last CSP meeting.

2.5 The group welcomed the involvement of DWFRS to deliver the wider community safety agenda and were keen for the service to engage in the Harbour youth project. Cllr Quayle would raise this with the service.

  • Action - Cllr Byron Quayle

2.6 Richard Bell gave an update on the plans for the move out of lockdown. It was recognised that this year has been unprecedented, and the features of crime had changed alongside reductions. As a result, it was agreed a caveat will need to be made when comparing crime levels for 2021/22 with 2020/21.

2.7 There was specific focus on the anticipated increase in domestic abuse referrals once lockdown ends. There were concerns raised about the resilience of front-line staff to meet this increased demand after intense periods of work during Covid. The group agreed it was important to give frontline staff clarity on direction and aim for operational alignment during this period.

2.8 The group agreed clear outcomes needed to be achieved as a result of actions taken by the CSP’s working groups and progress against outcomes should be reflected in relevant reports. It was also agreed a consistent approach was needed to reporting against both the strategic and local priorities.

  • Action - John Newcombe / Andy Frost

2.9 Richard Bell informed the group that Dorset Police were moving to a local policing model and Steve Lyon had been recruited as the Chief Superintendent for the County area. 


  • Progress against strategic priorities through the work of the Strategic Priority Delivery Group was noted.

No 3

Progress Against Local Priorities

3.1 John Newcombe gave an update on progress regarding local priorities. There were six Partnership Coordinating Groups (PCGs) across Dorset and the Chair of each PCG attends a quarterly meeting to discuss progress.

3.2 The group noted the increase in ASB complaints however John confirmed this was as a result of improved compliance with reporting processes for ASB rather than an increase in ASB incidents.

3.3 Some key successes were highlighted including positive interventions with several County Lines, effective use of ASB legislation and various pieces of work taken forward to tackle rural crimes.

3.4 John confirmed there is a need for a more coordinated approach with local youth services to address young people with complex needs. This work is in progress and any ongoing issues will be brought back to the CSP.

3.5 John Newcombe confirmed there is a good link between the leads for the strategic and local priorities to avoid duplication and ensure a consistent approach is taken when necessary.


  • Progress regarding the work of the Local Priority Delivery Group, the PCGs and the Operational Plan were considered and noted.

No 4

Partnership Strategic Assessment (PSA)

4.1 Andy Frost summarised the process for writing the PSA and confirmed it was a legal requirement for the CSP. It was noted the PSA had been written based on the MoRILE assessment, data from partners and engagement with the public through various consultations.

4.2 It was recognised that the CSP needs to find a way to engage with young people on community safety issues.  Work is progressing to gain engagement through the young researchers and the youth parliament. Louise Drury suggested engagement with detached youth workers would also be useful.

4.3 Richard Bell asked if there were sufficient analytical resources to analyse and present information from census, deprivation indices, public health and crime data. It was felt there were opportunities to do more work across agencies and partnerships. For example, there was information in the missing and child exploitation dashboard and DICE that could be useful for community safety work.Andy Frost agreed to link with key partners to look at the opportunities. 

  • Action - Andy Frost


  • The PSA and the priorities listed within the PSA were agreed

No 5

Community Safety Plan

5.1 Andy Frost presented the three-year Community Safety Plan which must be refreshed each year. The refreshed plan was based on the latest PSA and included a focus on agreed priorities.

5.2 The group noted that in previous years, despite concerted effort, it had been difficult to attract members of the public to events to discuss the plan. This year it had not been possible to hold a public meeting due to the current restrictions though the intention was to have a public meeting in some form later in the year.

5.3 Cllr Carr-Jones asked how partners raised awareness of the Community Safety Plan and priorities within their organisations. He requested partners report back at the next meeting about the methods used.

  • Action - All


  • The revised Community Safety Plan for 2021/22 was agreed.

No 6

Update on Changes to the Probation System

6.1 Unfortunately, Toni Shepherd and Kristy Claughton had to leave the meeting to deal with an urgent operational issue and the item was deferred to a future meeting.

  • Action - Toni Shepherd / Kristy Claughton

No 7

Domestic Abuse Bill

7.1 Ian Grant set out the latest position regarding the Domestic Abuse Bill.

7.2 Ian confirmed the Bill was progressing through the parliamentary process and should be enacted in the Spring 2021, although changes were still being made to the contents of the Bill.

7.3 The most pressing issues for the Local Authority was to appoint a Local Partnership Board (LPB), complete a needs assessment and write a strategy.

7.4 CSP members agreed to use their existing community safety partnership structure to fulfil the role of the LPB rather than create a new group. It was agreed that Andy Frost would look to revise the CSP’s current terms of reference and membership to cover the functions of the LPB.

  • Action - Andy Frost

7.5 Although current structures provided good links to the Safeguarding Boards, it was felt it would be helpful for the Chairs of relevant partnership groups to meet regularly to discuss their work and areas of shared interest.


  • The CSP will work towards adopting the statutory functions of the Local Partnership Board (LPB)
  • Further work to be undertaken between now and the next meeting to:
    • Amend the CSP’s terms of reference (ToR) to ensure it meets the requirements of statutory guidance.
    • Undertake a needs assessment on accommodation-based support building on the work partners have already undertaken.
    • Create a local domestic abuse strategy using the CSP position statement (as set out at 4.9 of the report).  

No 8

Forward Plan

8.1 Andy Frost confirmed the forward plan would be updated to reflect conversations from the meeting.

8.2 Partners were invited to add to the forward plan, and it was agreed the June meeting should cover the tactical plans to address potential community safety issues over the summer.

  • Action - Andy Frost

8.3 Andy Frost will confirm future meeting dates shortly.

  • Action - Andy Frost

No 9

Any Other Business

There was not any other business.


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