Micro-surfacing is preventative road treatment which seals the road, improves road texture and prevents water ingress to refresh residential roads and keep them in good condition.

Micro-surfacing is another cost-effective treatment for worn, but not structurally failing, roads and adds reinforcement to the existing asphalt.

The treatment is laid over the top of the old surface and helps preserve the road as well as filling in shallow cracks and holes, and regulating out small dips and bumps in the surface. It helps to extend the life of the road by up to 10 to 15 years and protects the structure below from water.

Carrying out the work

Where needed, local patching is carried out beforehand to repair any structural defects.

Immediately before the surfacing, exposed gullies and kerbs are taped to maintain their appearance and integrity.

The surface treatment is then spread and brushed over the carriageway to form an even, textured surface.

Due to the large equipment and number of vehicles used to carry out the work, roads will need to be closed for the treatment to be carried out. This will usually be a daytime closure from 8am to 5pm.

A gateman will usually be posted at the closure to address any queries.

How you can help

To minimise disruption, there are a few things you can do to help us.

Before work starts:

  • look out for yellow advance warning signs with specific details of the road closure
  • move your car off the road being treated. If you need it during the day, move it to a nearby road (but check this road isn’t also being treated)

On the day and during the work:

  • move your car off the road before the road is closed
  • keep to signed diversion routes/paths
  • keep children and pets well away from the work – for safety and cleanliness

After the work:

  • the road will be reopened as soon as it is safe to do so
  • road surfaces will be swept to clear loose stone soon after treatment
  • roads markings will be replaced around a week after the work
  • any drain covers that are too low following the surfacing will be raised within a month after the work