The Dorset Local Access Forum (DLAF) has 18 independent volunteer members.

Members of the DLAF include a range of people from the local community:

  • landowners and land managers
  • access users
  • those with other interests, e.g. health and conservation

2022 members

2022 DLAF members
Name Interest profile

Phil Hackett

Recreational walker, horse rider and cyclist, and member of multiple countryside access organisations. Expertise in encouraging health and wellbeing, as well as managing land with a PRoW.

Janet Davis

Regular walker with interests in the environment, local history and legal aspects of PRoWs. Professional experience of working for a national walking charity; presently a parish clerk.

Fiona Bowles

Keen equestrian, walker, dog walker, and cyclist with an interest in nature conservation. Experience of volunteering with conservation organisations and working with landowners.

Nathan McCormick

Local area representative for the Green Lane Association, championing responsible green lane and bridleway use. Expertise in automotive and agricultural development engineering. Other interests include horseback and mountain bike riding.

Chris Slade

Avid walker exploring Dorset’s parishes, writing magazine articles to describe walks, as well actively discovering the heritage of Dorset’s boundary. Expertise in PRoW issues and Definitive Map legalities.

Paul Tomlinson

Active countryside walker and urban cyclist. Key interests and expertise in advocating for disability access matters via the Dorchester Access Forum and charity work, as well as in engineering technology.

Christopher Tucker

Walker and off-road cyclist with many other interests including Dorset’s ancient history, sustainability, preservation, and local engagement. Professional expertise in project management and ecological risk mitigation.

Richard Deakin

Enjoys the beach, countryside and protecting the environment, with a particular interest in coastal issues and improving the experience of people exploring rural Dorset. Skilled with technology websites.

Maddy Pfaff

Works for a landowner that manages a heavily used access area on the Jurassic Coast. Experience in PRoW management, accessibility, tourism, outdoor pursuits, farm management for environmental gain and education.

Dawn Rayment

Countryside management professional with an understanding of balancing recreation and dog walking with the need to preserve protected species. Advocate for the benefits of green spaces for health and wellbeing.

Jim de Bertrand

Frequent walker, runner and cyclist for recreation and health benefits, as well as a supporter of safe and sustainable access. Other expertise in landscape architecture and the natural environment.

Nicola Harper

Interests and expertise include accessibility for all users, common land, open spaces, and conservation, with many years spent volunteering with conservation organisations. Also knowledgeable of biodiversity, habitat regulations and designations.

Phil Poulton

Enjoys cross-country running with Irish Terrier, Nutmeg, off-road cycling and motorcycling, and kayaking. Professional experience in planning and green infrastructure. Other interests include wildlife spotting and visiting ancestral heritage sites.

Amanda Wallwork

Interested in understanding barriers, access improvement, health and wellbeing, heritage, geo-tourism, sustainable transport, education and awareness, and planning and green infrastructure. Loves walking and discovering facts about the Dorset landscape.

Mandy Willis

Recreational walker, cyclist and volunteer ranger. Passionate about sustainable travel and the importance of PRoWs, open spaces and wildlife for mental and physical wellness, now and in the future.


  • Cllr Simon Christopher, Dorset Council
  • TBC representing Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole (BCP) Council

Local authority officers

  • Graham Stanley and Russell Goff: Greenspace Managers and Senior Rangers, Dorset Council
  • Philip Elias: PRoW officer, BCP Council
  • Jemma Reddaway: Support officer, Dorset Council

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